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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Terminator Salvation

one of the most anticipated movies of 2009 was terminator salvation.but i must say i wasnt too awed by it. how can one imagine terminator without arnie?i never can but one must not let go off chances when one is being shown hollywood movies for this case a very good friend of mine took me to watch terminator salvation and paid for the tickets.the movie is the fourth of the terminator lot;judgement day has taken place and the machines percieve the humans as threats to their existence and is bent on eradicating humanity.john connor played by christian bale is one of the leader of a team who leads his team to resist this eradication.there is no use trying to tell the story because there is very little 'story' as we call it. its basically action that we are paying to watch,extravagant action and fighting scenes between the machines and the humans. the story cathes up in the second half when we are shown that john's purpose is to save kyle reese,his father from the future,who has been taken prisoner by the machines.i would rate the movie as average;to me the best was the the second one - terminator:judgement day,where we had arnie off course and also linda hamilton as sarah connor and eddie furlow as the young john connor.christian bale was just the reguler action hero,nothing extraordinary and his acting was one dimensional.without arnie the fim lost its dramatic element which was present in the previous three;it was predictable and flat. even if it was hugely anticipated it became one of the worst big budget summer release for quite some time.

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