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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Gia is one of angelina jolie's early works;it is a television movie on the life of the super-model gia marie carangi. the movie portrays gia,as a 17 year old girl from philadelphia who rises to a great height in the world of fashion as a super-model,being portrayed in most of the fashion magazines of the times - vogue,cosmopolitan, and her eventual decline due to getting addicted to heroin and finally her death from AIDS which she contracted after sharing the same neddle with a heroin junkie. as i said before, i am all biased about angelina jolie and i got nothing but praises for her in her portrayal as gia. she won the golden globe for the best actress category in a TV mini series;this movie,along with the golden globe set her career along the right course. she was young when she did gia,only 23 years old and had just finished up with 'hackers' and got married to her co-star johnny lee miller. during those early days of her acting career, she would get inside the character so intensely that directors declared that she was very difficult to work with. during the shooting of gia,jolie would call back home and tell her then husband,'don't call me,i'm alone,i'm gay,i'ma junkie,i have AIDS and i'm gonna die quite soon.' gia carangi was one of the first lesbian supermodels to have walked the ramp and jolie had to play the dominant lesbian partner in the movie. she did a magnificent job of portraying a supermodel,who had everything in life but was not happy in life; to act out the rejected lover because of her drug habits and also play the role of the daughter who craves for her mother's presence but is unable to connect to her due her abandonment is really something to watch out for.jolie said that she identified herself with gia in bits and pieces from her real life. she was abandoned by her father and was this wild child child with tattoos in her teenage if u get hold of it,please do watch it;its the way to stardom for angelina jolie. she was really amazing. and once again i must thank my dear friend who supplied me with this movie so that i get to see what an awesome actress angelins jolie is.she was fierce in her portrayal - filling the part with nerve,charm and desperation.

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