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Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Another hugely anticipated summer blockbuster, but I’m afraid that it disappointed me greatly, even more than the terminator salvation. While in the hall I was like, what the hell man? I actually paid money to see this shit? I think that david Yates just murdered the book, not that I’m a huge fan of harry potter but still….. yes I agree and am quite aware of the fact that making a movie out of a 600 page book is a big task, a huge, massive task to be honest; but once you have accepted the challenge you gotta make sure that you get through the challenge. And Yates was not upto the challenge. with so many permutations and combinations, additions and cuttings the original story was quite lost. cutting out a few scenes, I get, but adding some portions which were totally so not in the book, that I don’t get. Like when did bellatrix and greyback attack the weasley house in the book? so not necessary. And now lets come to the acting, god knows why Daniel Radcliffe is being paid a million dollars? Or is it pounds? Don’t actually remember which, but either way its way too much than what he deserves. I mean lets face it folks, do you actually call that acting? I don’t think so! He has no bloody expressions on his face, not a single one! What rupert’s doing or well did so far, is kinda ok, like emma.
Tom Felton did quite well in the previous movies, but he just had too little screen space here to work his charm. The only people who actually played their parts convincingly were Helena Bonham Carter as the deranged, female, death-eater, bellatrix lestrange and Evanna Lynch as luna lovegood; she did well; with that faraway look in her eyes and her soft voice, she did pretty decent. Well I wouldn’t wanna discourage you by this entry, go ahead by all means and see the movie and make up your mind yourself. But I just thought it was a waste of time, truly, the worst of the lot I would say.

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