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Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Another hugely anticipated summer blockbuster, but I’m afraid that it disappointed me greatly, even more than the terminator salvation. While in the hall I was like, what the hell man? I actually paid money to see this shit? I think that david Yates just murdered the book, not that I’m a huge fan of harry potter but still….. yes I agree and am quite aware of the fact that making a movie out of a 600 page book is a big task, a huge, massive task to be honest; but once you have accepted the challenge you gotta make sure that you get through the challenge. And Yates was not upto the challenge. with so many permutations and combinations, additions and cuttings the original story was quite lost. cutting out a few scenes, I get, but adding some portions which were totally so not in the book, that I don’t get. Like when did bellatrix and greyback attack the weasley house in the book? so not necessary. And now lets come to the acting, god knows why Daniel Radcliffe is being paid a million dollars? Or is it pounds? Don’t actually remember which, but either way its way too much than what he deserves. I mean lets face it folks, do you actually call that acting? I don’t think so! He has no bloody expressions on his face, not a single one! What rupert’s doing or well did so far, is kinda ok, like emma.
Tom Felton did quite well in the previous movies, but he just had too little screen space here to work his charm. The only people who actually played their parts convincingly were Helena Bonham Carter as the deranged, female, death-eater, bellatrix lestrange and Evanna Lynch as luna lovegood; she did well; with that faraway look in her eyes and her soft voice, she did pretty decent. Well I wouldn’t wanna discourage you by this entry, go ahead by all means and see the movie and make up your mind yourself. But I just thought it was a waste of time, truly, the worst of the lot I would say.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Gia is one of angelina jolie's early works;it is a television movie on the life of the super-model gia marie carangi. the movie portrays gia,as a 17 year old girl from philadelphia who rises to a great height in the world of fashion as a super-model,being portrayed in most of the fashion magazines of the times - vogue,cosmopolitan, and her eventual decline due to getting addicted to heroin and finally her death from AIDS which she contracted after sharing the same neddle with a heroin junkie. as i said before, i am all biased about angelina jolie and i got nothing but praises for her in her portrayal as gia. she won the golden globe for the best actress category in a TV mini series;this movie,along with the golden globe set her career along the right course. she was young when she did gia,only 23 years old and had just finished up with 'hackers' and got married to her co-star johnny lee miller. during those early days of her acting career, she would get inside the character so intensely that directors declared that she was very difficult to work with. during the shooting of gia,jolie would call back home and tell her then husband,'don't call me,i'm alone,i'm gay,i'ma junkie,i have AIDS and i'm gonna die quite soon.' gia carangi was one of the first lesbian supermodels to have walked the ramp and jolie had to play the dominant lesbian partner in the movie. she did a magnificent job of portraying a supermodel,who had everything in life but was not happy in life; to act out the rejected lover because of her drug habits and also play the role of the daughter who craves for her mother's presence but is unable to connect to her due her abandonment is really something to watch out for.jolie said that she identified herself with gia in bits and pieces from her real life. she was abandoned by her father and was this wild child child with tattoos in her teenage if u get hold of it,please do watch it;its the way to stardom for angelina jolie. she was really amazing. and once again i must thank my dear friend who supplied me with this movie so that i get to see what an awesome actress angelins jolie is.she was fierce in her portrayal - filling the part with nerve,charm and desperation.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Terminator Salvation

one of the most anticipated movies of 2009 was terminator salvation.but i must say i wasnt too awed by it. how can one imagine terminator without arnie?i never can but one must not let go off chances when one is being shown hollywood movies for this case a very good friend of mine took me to watch terminator salvation and paid for the tickets.the movie is the fourth of the terminator lot;judgement day has taken place and the machines percieve the humans as threats to their existence and is bent on eradicating humanity.john connor played by christian bale is one of the leader of a team who leads his team to resist this eradication.there is no use trying to tell the story because there is very little 'story' as we call it. its basically action that we are paying to watch,extravagant action and fighting scenes between the machines and the humans. the story cathes up in the second half when we are shown that john's purpose is to save kyle reese,his father from the future,who has been taken prisoner by the machines.i would rate the movie as average;to me the best was the the second one - terminator:judgement day,where we had arnie off course and also linda hamilton as sarah connor and eddie furlow as the young john connor.christian bale was just the reguler action hero,nothing extraordinary and his acting was one dimensional.without arnie the fim lost its dramatic element which was present in the previous three;it was predictable and flat. even if it was hugely anticipated it became one of the worst big budget summer release for quite some time.

The Changeling

well i am sorry again for my prolonged absence was away because of my part 1 exams. they ended on the 2nd of july but after that i must admit i got lazy. this time i am going to write about one of the movie which was present at the 2009 oscars - the changeling directed by clint eastswood.well before i begin lets get one thing straight,i WORSHIP angelina jolie.she is just one amazing woman who has gone through a lot in her life;and i am happy to say that i have seen most of her movies. the story is set in the early 1930's in the city of los angeles, which was known at that time the city of angels;but ironically in this very city of angels lived a group of people who did everything in their power to change this city into a city of nightmares.christine collins,played by jolie is a single working mother,who comes home from work one evening and finds her son,walter missing. even if the police are informed about the imcident walter still remains missing and months go by. it is at time that reverend Gustav Briegleb played by malkovich publicizes Christine's plight against the lapd for its incompetence, corruption and the extrajudicial punishment meted out by its "Gun Squad", led by Chief James E. Davis played by feroe. with most of the people turning against government the police,after months of searching claims to have found walter collins. even though 'walter' claims to be her son,christine realises that she has been handed out a totally different boy to take care of. she is forced to take care of this child but is very unwilling to do so and when she tells the captain of the physical discrepancies which exist between 'walter' and walter and questions their mode of working,she in turn is questioned about her capabilities as a mother and is forced into the psychopathic ward at the la county hospital. however with the growing pressure of the reverend and the people who believes in christine's innocence the police once again are made to search for a number of missing boys in the county.during this investigation they come across a serial killer,Gordon Northcott who was the one who kidnapped all these young boys and tortured them to death.he was assisted by his nephew who was a canadian and thus was under police custody for illegally crossing over. he told the detectives about his uncle's deed which resulted in northcott's capture, his trial and finally his sentence to death. now i must say i am totally biased against jolie and i mean totally. to me nothing she does can be wrong or even mediocre. to me she is and always be this great and wonderful woman that walked on this earth.the movie was good,after all it is a clint eastwood movie we are talking was angelina jolie's performance;she won herself nominations for the best actress for the baftas,the oscars,chicago film critic's association awards,14th critic's choice awards,2009 empire awards,the golden globes,irish film and television awards,london film critic's circle awards,rembrandt awards,screen actors guild awards;she won the the best actress award for the satellite award and the 2008 saturn award.jolie's performance was forceful but understated;she shed her movie star persona to appear vulnerable and resolute as christine collins.the mental trauma that christine had to went through when she was locked up in the mental ward was similar to what she had previously portrayed in girl,interrupted which won her the oscar for the best supporting actress category when she was only i agree that this performance of hers was no way near to lisa rowe,but as i said that i am biased about her;so i just hoped,hope against hope that maybe this time she would actually win the oscar for the best actress. but the fact that she didnt proves that the academy chose wisely when they voted for kate winslet.if you are jolie fan like me i would its definitely a must watch and even if you are not i would suggest to give it a try after all its a clint eastwood movie and if you are a movie buff, u dont find his stuff boring;the story is told in such a manner that only a hardened cynic will be left unmoved by the haunting and sorrowful saga.