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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"do you know how i got these scars?"

"no but i know how you got these!". and wham! batman is on top of the joker.the dark knight! truly , do i even need to write anything about it 'coz for those of you who have seen it you all very well know what am i talking is so very different from the batman begins. and ledger did one heck of a job before his death.bale stands nowhere near him in the movie.he was good , no doubt about that , but ledger was a class's too bad that he isnot here to see what an immortal piece of work he did which has further increased his fan followings. nicholson too was really good as joker but he had that polished aristocratic look rather than the pscopathic look that ledger so brilliantly portrayed.i feel that there was a bit of a flaw in the casting - maggie gyllenhaal as rachel dawes? you gotta be kidding me! she tried her best but somehow i couldnot imagine that 5'9" brunette as rachel. she just didn't fit in rachel's shoes. katie was so much better. another person who needs mentioning is aaron ekchart as harvey dent as the district attorney of gotham. this new district attorney and live-in-boyfriend of rachel has made gotham a safe place in recent times. he was good too , not great maybe but definitely good. while he's busy putting the bad guys behind bars , the joker has plans of his own. he kills the police commissioner and the judge prevailing over the case of the mob. even while he's being interrogated by batman or rather beaten the hell out of him he uses his connections to kidnapp dent and dawes. however he tells them the address of the godowns where they are being held hostage. while batman rushes to save rachel and gordon to save dent unknown to both of them that the joker had switched their places and its dent whom batman reaches. he arrives just in time to save him before the bombs tear apart the godown. however his face catches fire and we witness the birth of a new villain - two face. however gordon fails to save rachel and she dies in the blast.even though the sudden twists in the story is gripping i think that the most melodramatic one is the death of rachel.the action scenes were really cool too but that's what you should expect from the creator of memento and insomnia , right?

Monday, July 28, 2008

the great ray!

who can call themselves a movie freak without mentioning the great ray?frankly no one should. well i saw the last movie by ray "agantuk" for a sixth time but every time i see it i feel the great loss of the great film maker. or should i say the greatest indian film maker? i think that it was utpal dutt's best work too. hats off to that dude! man he rocked. and if any of you wanna learn how to be rude to people you can just follow the footsteps of dhritiman chatterjee. man , was he rude or what! the other casts include mamata shankar and dipankar de while ravi ghosh and ajit bannerjee just had a cameo role. the story is somewhat like this , utpal dutt ran away from home as a young man and arrives back to india after 35 years wanting to visit his niece (shankar) before he starts off for australia.the problem revolves around his identity since his niece doesn't remember her uncle and is apprenhensive whether this guy is actually his uncle or not. it turns out that he is and he had come to india mainly to give her the share of money that utpal dutt's father had left was an awesome movie and there's only one thing that i can say bow down , bow down to the man , to the man!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

not a movie this time!

so people in my college is engrossed in splitsvilla! i say what!? how could you possibly be so? they define it as fun. so i got to know something new. i learnt something new that treachery , sabotage , back-stabbing , scheming , bitching is actually FUN! then how would you define hanging out with your friends as? please let me know 'coz i am lost. i fail to understand the fun in all this body flaunting and flirting. that's probably because i am an idiot and too ignorant but someone please take the initiative to make me see the fun angle of this disgusting and equally disturbing t.v show.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2nd day at work!

ok today it was cruel intentions. so has any of you seen it? if not then i wouldn't actually say it's a must watch but you can watch it if you have time to spare. the story is pretty lame and is losely based on the french novelles liaisons dangereuses, but there was some real powerful performances by ryan phillippe as sebastian valmont and by sarah michelle geller as katheryn mertruil. the strut of sebastian that made every girl's heart beat faster was really amazing. the other cast included reese witherspoon as annette hargrove and selma blair as cecile caldwell were just average. i personally had expected a bit more from reese witherspoon but then you realise that there probably wasn't enough space to show her real talent , the thing that we got to see in walk the line as june carter. katheryn and sebastian are step siblings and are as sebastian points out in the movie two of a kind. sebastian's motto in life is to sleep with as many as women possible and even katheryn walks somewhat in the same line. i won't go to the details coz it might seem pornographic to many. but overall i would say it's ok. only just.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

movie freak at work

ok the movie freak is at work. yesterday i saw babel and lemme tell you its one heck of a movie.i mean alejandro gonzalez inarritu couldn't have done any better than what he came up with. the name 'babel' comes from a hebrew verb 'balal' which means to confuse.the film interweaves the unfortunate circumstances that a morrocan , an american , a mexican and a japanese family faces. even though the movie had some of the biggest names of hollywood like cate blanchett and brad pitt , rinko kikuchi steals the show as chieko wataya. rinko's portrayal of a deaf and dumb japanese school girl who craves for human contact but is rejected because of her abnormality was simply superb. and all that cate blanchett did throughout the movie was scream out in pain which got pretty gross in the end. so i suggest that all of you who call yourselves movie freaks - like me check the movie out. trust me you'll have something to think about after you see the movie. three cheers to gonzalez!
ok i know the name says movie freak but i am not only gonna talk about movies. i am gonna talk about games and sports, the music i listen to, so basically you are gonna get an insight of the movies i watch the songs i listen to and stuff. there is no obligation on your part to visit this blog or even go through the things that i have written. i have created this blog because i wanted to, so for all those people who are not interested , don't visit my blog. however criticism is encouraged. so here it goes!