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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

not a movie this time!

so people in my college is engrossed in splitsvilla! i say what!? how could you possibly be so? they define it as fun. so i got to know something new. i learnt something new that treachery , sabotage , back-stabbing , scheming , bitching is actually FUN! then how would you define hanging out with your friends as? please let me know 'coz i am lost. i fail to understand the fun in all this body flaunting and flirting. that's probably because i am an idiot and too ignorant but someone please take the initiative to make me see the fun angle of this disgusting and equally disturbing t.v show.


Dipayan said...

gr8 !!!!!!

u taken up social issues ??????
personally i support u cuz the hate the TV series...!!!!!

shoili said...

uhhuh. its crap alright. 80% of the girls in hostel love it. i miss espn and star sports

Vineet said...

i so echo your feelings for this shit!...and nice reading your posts...carry on!

Dipayan said...

oops i mate a shud av been "i hate the TV series"