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Monday, July 28, 2008

the great ray!

who can call themselves a movie freak without mentioning the great ray?frankly no one should. well i saw the last movie by ray "agantuk" for a sixth time but every time i see it i feel the great loss of the great film maker. or should i say the greatest indian film maker? i think that it was utpal dutt's best work too. hats off to that dude! man he rocked. and if any of you wanna learn how to be rude to people you can just follow the footsteps of dhritiman chatterjee. man , was he rude or what! the other casts include mamata shankar and dipankar de while ravi ghosh and ajit bannerjee just had a cameo role. the story is somewhat like this , utpal dutt ran away from home as a young man and arrives back to india after 35 years wanting to visit his niece (shankar) before he starts off for australia.the problem revolves around his identity since his niece doesn't remember her uncle and is apprenhensive whether this guy is actually his uncle or not. it turns out that he is and he had come to india mainly to give her the share of money that utpal dutt's father had left was an awesome movie and there's only one thing that i can say bow down , bow down to the man , to the man!

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