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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"do you know how i got these scars?"

"no but i know how you got these!". and wham! batman is on top of the joker.the dark knight! truly , do i even need to write anything about it 'coz for those of you who have seen it you all very well know what am i talking is so very different from the batman begins. and ledger did one heck of a job before his death.bale stands nowhere near him in the movie.he was good , no doubt about that , but ledger was a class's too bad that he isnot here to see what an immortal piece of work he did which has further increased his fan followings. nicholson too was really good as joker but he had that polished aristocratic look rather than the pscopathic look that ledger so brilliantly portrayed.i feel that there was a bit of a flaw in the casting - maggie gyllenhaal as rachel dawes? you gotta be kidding me! she tried her best but somehow i couldnot imagine that 5'9" brunette as rachel. she just didn't fit in rachel's shoes. katie was so much better. another person who needs mentioning is aaron ekchart as harvey dent as the district attorney of gotham. this new district attorney and live-in-boyfriend of rachel has made gotham a safe place in recent times. he was good too , not great maybe but definitely good. while he's busy putting the bad guys behind bars , the joker has plans of his own. he kills the police commissioner and the judge prevailing over the case of the mob. even while he's being interrogated by batman or rather beaten the hell out of him he uses his connections to kidnapp dent and dawes. however he tells them the address of the godowns where they are being held hostage. while batman rushes to save rachel and gordon to save dent unknown to both of them that the joker had switched their places and its dent whom batman reaches. he arrives just in time to save him before the bombs tear apart the godown. however his face catches fire and we witness the birth of a new villain - two face. however gordon fails to save rachel and she dies in the blast.even though the sudden twists in the story is gripping i think that the most melodramatic one is the death of rachel.the action scenes were really cool too but that's what you should expect from the creator of memento and insomnia , right?


Arnab Chakraborty said...

Oh yeah, The Dark Knight has to be one of the greatest superhero movies ever, and also one of the greatest in general. The cast, the plot, Heath Ledger, the stunts, Heath Ledger, the batpod and Heath Ledger.

For comic book freaks like me, it was heavenly seeing how faithful Nolan was to the original works of Miller and Loeb, Grant Morrison and Moore ('Year One', 'Long Halloween', 'Arkham Asylum' and 'The Killing Joke'). The comic book movie has finally come of age, and not a moment too soon!

As for Maggie Gyllenhaal, she brought the requisite maturity required of her role as Rachel,(if not the looks), something Holmes couldn't in 'Bat Begins'.

Great blog. Keep writing.

Erlang Shen said...

The Dark Knight was definitely mesmerising. I haven't seen a film for a long time that has disturbed me like this dark thriller did.Heath Ledger's performance was brillliant and like many I too believe that he should get an Oscar.Not that I'd be terribly disappointed if he didn't.He has achieved something infinite times more valuable - he has won our hearts (or rather terrorised the shit outta us) !
In the end would like to say that this is a great blog. Lookin forward to your future posts.