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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Miracle Diet Isn't A Miracle

So people who read my blog, or my posts on Facebook know that I have been on a detox diet. It is going to be three weeks this Saturday. I was feeling pretty good, which is why I decided to check my weight. I weighed myself and found that I now weigh 44kilos. So the last time that I weighed myself was back in November when I weighed 49kilos. Now, I will be very honest, I have no idea if I shed all of this weight in just three weeks or gradually in the course of 5 months. So yes, I have no freaking clue if my diet actually works or not! And here I have people from my friend list, begging to be told what the magic diet is. Now, fair warning, the diet might not have helped at all and might not be conducive in losing weight. I might have lost all that extra kilos when I was away in Hyderabad, a place I didn’t bond too well with. And even the Hyderabadi Biriyani couldn’t lift my moods. So, I thought that it is best to come clean to all of you guys out there, who are in awe of my miracle diet that helped me lose 5kilos. 

All those who know me, you know that my disposition is usually skinny, so the dynamics of gaining and losing weight stumps me. I have never had to deal with weight issues. On the contrary, I was always told to put on some weight so as to resemble something other than the sample skeleton that hung in our Biology lab.  So now the obvious question, why of all people should I go on a diet? So let me tell you all about it. My diet isn’t exactly a diet. I am not depriving my body of food at all, what I am doing is eating healthy. It was a nice change from all the junk that I had been putting in my body. So one Saturday, three weeks back I decided enough was enough, I am going to eat healthy now. So here is what I did. I gave up fizzy drinks, any other carbonated drinks, canned juices. So yeah all the non-healthy drinks, I kicked them out of my refrigerator. For those out there who enjoy an occasional drink or not so occasional drinks, it's best to avoid drinking for at least three weeks, if not a month.  The things that came next in the line of fire were butter and cheese; I gave them the boot too. Although ideally one should kick out jam too, I didn’t. I stuck to brown bread and jam. I gave up everything non vegetarian, especially read meat. While you don’t have to become a vegetarian, but if you are serious about losing weight, it is ideal to abstain from it from at least two weeks and then slowly let them back in your diet in moderate proportions. So what did I eat then? Because it seems like I threw out almost everything. Well I will tell you what I ate – fruits. 

My breakfast now includes one cucumber, without salt, one apple and two pieces of brown bread, ideally not toasted with jam. One thing that will be difficult for most of you is giving up caffeine and tea. While one cup of either is okay, it is ideal to give away both for the first two weeks. I am lucky in this regard because I am neither a tea person nor a coffee person. Lunch includes rice, brown ideally, daal, because you need your protein and any veggie in a light curry. Along with this, now that it’s summer have curd without salt or sugar. Towards the afternoon I usually feel a little hungry, so I carry with me either a bowl of grapes or a bowl of watermelon slice. I have also had oranges which does the work. After coming back home, I have crackers and a glass of fat less, low cholesterol milk, without sugar. Dinner is the same as lunch, except it is a different daal and veggie; the curd is a must though. So folks, you see my miracle diet isn’t actually a miracle, all it is, is healthy.

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