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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Detox Diet

I solemnly swear that I will stick to my detoxification diet. Well at least for two weeks that is. I have realized that even though I have a tiny and lean frame, I do nothing to take care of it. For example I drink too much than I should. Now what is too much? I have been told by some that I actually don’t drink enough, while some others have stated that it is in fact too much. Like last Friday, a colleague of mine started this conversation about drinking. This led the conversation about a trip to Goa. That in turn led him telling me that Goa is an ideal place for me because of my fondness for liquor. Ouch!! Mum and dad are you listening? Yes your little girl is now termed as a booze lover!  By her colleagues at work! I don’t know which the more embarrassing part is. Just last week I ended up shelling out 8K at a Hard Rock CafĂ©, for alcohol. My very first time, mind you. But do you think that justifies my behavior?! What happened to me?! This is not me! I used to be the quiet, shy one, who would shy away from socializing. I have been tagged anything but after I moved to Bombay. And I realize that I have found a whole new side of me. While I do like the most of this side, I confess that I don’t appreciate or approve the amount of liquor I have been consuming. Back home I never drank. And here I am out drinking every week. It’s time to make a change; change is good.

So I have decided to follow a detox diet for a few weeks. Two to be exact. Because I do not want to end up losing weight than I already have because of my Hyderabad stint. I am going to be all about eating and living healthy for the next two weeks. Nothing fat, nothing alcoholic, that is the most important part of my pledge. I started my detox diet yesterday, and I think I am holding on okay. I have even put up beautiful colourful post-its on my wall. Some reads the things that I must absolutely at all cost avoid and some reads the ones that I absolutely must have so that I don’t faint with hunger and end up losing any more weight. Now this brings me to next problem – weight gain. Or loss, take your pick. Because I have done both without understanding the dynamics of doing either. So how does it work again? I have no clue! Damn! All this talk about gaining and losing weight is making my head go round in circles. Let’s just drop the whole idea shall we?! Who is in the mood for some pizza?!Because I am starving!

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