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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome to the Good Life!

Last weekend I officially became an adult. Even though I got my right to vote six years ago, last Saturday was when I was officially welcomed into the ‘BIG’ league. It was my brother’s birthday and he threw a 33rd birthday bash, ‘away from the maddening crowd’ as he liked to put it. And I was invited to his party. Now I had heard about his ‘legendary’ parties, when I was in my teens from my aunt and I would be like, If only…. Who knew that my wish would finally come true! So I grew up and got myself a job in Mumbai and then got myself invited to my brother’s birthday slash house-warming party. Yeah, it took me some years to get the invitation, but I did manage to secure it in the end. And below is the proof.

As it turned out, the weekend getaway was just what the doctor had ordered; work is getting crazy and depressing by the minute and the weekend getaway was the perfect antidote. The drive to Khopoli was a nice long drive along the Pune expressway; we enjoyed most part of it except for the bottleneck near Panvel. We stopped for burgers at a McDonalds near Kharghar and raced each other the rest of the way. Sadly, the car I was in lost. Once there I realized that there were lots to do; I hadn’t quite imagined such an empty house. I should have because he had just bought it. So all 7 of us, including my 8 year old nephew set off in making the place habitable. It was a task and we were thoroughly worn out and decided to steal an hour’s nap. It was a good thing that we did because we didn’t realize that we wouldn’t get any more sleep rest of the night. 

And then the electricity betrayed us and we sat around in the dark and in the heat till 8. When the lights did come back, I decided that it was too much effort to put on party-worthy clothes, so I told my brother that he can just deal with me in my shorts and tee at his birthday party. He isn’t the kind of guy to object to comfort and neither did anyone else. 

I had met a few of my brother’s friends, but most of them were strangers to me. But they are such awesome people that they made the introvert Virgo me participate very actively in everything. Apart from my nephew, who wasn’t exactly allowed in the party, I was the youngest and it was so endearing when they were looking after me with such care. Everyone made sure I had enough to eat and drink *wink wink*. The in-house DJ was a friend and his mixes were really good. The party went on till the wee hours of the morning and at 4: 30 we decided to bring the proceedings to a halt.

It was such a huge honour to be finally a part of my brother’s famed parties. Now I can die and go to heaven in peace. 

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