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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Into The Wild

“Once I dug an early grave, to find a better land” – we can hear Eddie Vedder humming ‘Hard Sun’ in the movie Into The Wild. The word that came to my mind while watching it and after watching it was – perfect. I could relate this movie so perfectly with my life. The saddest part is that I can’t be like Christopher McCandles; he became Alexander Supertramp , but me on the other hand will always be ….me, just me. I cried throughout the movie, I connected so well with the movie, with Alex. He was such a good philosopher. “I don’t need a car, I don’t need anything; I don’t need a thing.” How many of us can actually feel that, let alone say it. “Job is a 20th century invention and I want no part in it.” Can we say that? Are we allowed to? Alex did and look where it got him – nowhere, he died in the wilderness of Alaska. This is what people are going to say, people who can’t identify themselves with Alex; not me though. This brilliant student Chris, who got top grades in his college, who even got himself admitted to Harvard Law, what did he do? He gave away almost all of his money to charity, burnt the rest, cut out his plastic money and all of his identification papers and started backpacking through U.S and set out on what he called his ‘great Alaskan adventure’. The movie follows his journey to Alaska, the various odd jobs that he did to keep himself going. But he always burnt down the rest of the savings. His stay in Alaska is heart wrenching, well at least it was for me. Finally he died there, dreaming of his family. He had mistaken a poisonous plant for an edible plant and consumed it in large amounts. I cried my eyes out after watching the movie. I worship Alexander Supertramp. How many of us can be Alexander Supertramp? How many of us can survive what he survived? How many of us can learn the truth about life that he learnt? Not many, I say. I get emotional when I talk about the movie. You see I don’t see it as a movie, I see it as a documentary on a subject called LIFE. I won’t even bother to tell people what an amazing job Emile Hirsch did as Chris McCandles/Alex Supertramp. If I have interested people or maybe even intrigued them a little bit with my writing, please watch the movie, you won’t be the same person after you watch it. That’s a promise.

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