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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vicky, Cristina Barcelona

yup, another movie with penelope cruz in it, but as i said i have become a fan of her and this movie makes it even more worth it. as in my last review i had stated that cruz is the muse for almadovar; and now after yet another scarlett johansson starred woody allen movie, we can safely conclude that what cruz is to almadovar, johannson is to allen. i am a bit disappointed with Vicky, Cristina Barcelona; not the usual woody allen brilliance is achieved in this particuler work. the main plot is so common - two best friends who tell each other everything are incidentally on a vacation in Barcelona. the sub- plots are different and i would even say intriguing but still it just wasn't enough. i saw no great acting skills from anyone else other than cruz that is. where was javier bardem, winner of the best supporting actor oscar in 2008?where was scarlett johannson? and the most amazing thing was that out of all the main characters, cruz had the least amount of screen space, but she delivered her role to perfection. she was just impeccable as the genius artist who is always in love with her husband and hence is fiercely protective of him but as we all know all geniuses have their crazy stain within them which brings out her jealousy when she she her husband with other women even though they are divorced.her derangement comes out at certain times in the film and it is during these times that she swiftly moves back and forth from english to spanish ; when she blazes onscreen in the movie,she lets forth a dizzying combination of english and spanish and even if we don't understand what she is saying literally without the subtitles, emotionally we can understand everything that she says and that beneath her beauty lies a fierce spirit of not giving up.i just feel sad that there was not any more scope for cruz to show what more she could do with her facial expressions or to show that she is the one, people, she has arrived! i would say rebecca hall did a much better job than johansson or maybe thats just the way i feel. i would just ask you to watch the movie for penelope cruz's sake, she is the one! over all Vicky, Cristina Barcelona is a witty and ambiguous movie that's simultaneously intoxicating and suffused with sadness and doubt.

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Jayziely said...

Sorry,but the only thing that moved me from the movie was the background places and music,its so mesmerising.Penelope Cruz is no doubt an excellent actor & she did her best again but the story is bit cheesy & also the rest of the cast.But the music played a enchanting effect.I couldn't stop myself from cropping the end credit part which had a wonderful tune of spanish guitar.